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Audrey Vuarchex


Born from a french father and a brazilian mother, I've spent my childhood between France and Ivory Coast. Growing up in this mix of so different cultures made me have a great curiosity of the mind and through my maternal education (with amerindian origins), I've been connected very young and very naturally to spirituality.


2002 is the year in which I started practicing yoga and my choice went to hatha yoga. Since the first class, I realize that I have found my path in yoga. My practice, from then on, is daily and the idea of teaching appeares as an evidence as to transmit to others all the benefits I receive from practicing yoga. 

In 2005, I move to live in Kyoto - Japan, professionally, for one year and I take advantage of this opportunity to discover the zen temples and intensify my meditation practice.  

In 2012, I receive the certification RYS 200 hours by Yoga Alliance after a one month course in India in the Yoga Vidya Kerala center (AyurYoga Eco Ashram) with Krish Varma who was the student of Swami Satyananda and of the Bihar School.


In 2013, I discover the vinyasa yoga and learn it with Florence Dugowson.

Ever since, I keep on deepening my practice and my knowledge by learning through nature, travels, books, videos and during courses with different teachers.

Teaching is, for me, a way to blossom by living of what I love and by sharing the values and benefits of yoga.










Solayna is a name I imagined and comes from the words "soleil" (sun) and "ajna" (3rd eye chakra). It symbolizes the vital energy and the insight vision that are developed with yoga practice. More than a physical exercice, yoga is a path, a way of living and discovering ourselves that I wish to transmit to my students with a lot of listening and generosity.

The three yoga's jewells are breath, relaxation and awareness. I respect these 3 principles and structure my classes with Asanas (postures that act on the physical body and the energy body throught its seven chakras), Pranayama (mindful breathing during asanas practice and specific breathing technics praticed besides the asanas) and Nidra (relaxation).

I give a huge attention to the position and the alignment of the students for them to specificly understand how to realize the postures correctly. I also insist on the importance of breath because it is through it that the subtility of yoga operates. Therefore, there is a mix of precision and sensuality, of yang and yin that accentuates the balance brought by a yoga class.

The classes will give you all the benefits of yoga. Because we all are a fraction of the All and because we are beings made of an infinite potential, we have the possibility to find in ourselves the state of no-duality that appease the mind and brings clearness. With a regular practice, you will naturally apply the technics learnt on your yoga mat. Thus, in this world in wich stess, too often wears us out, you will know how to reconnect to your vital energy and so on, wake it up and make it your well-being ally.

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